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Returns, Replacements & Exchanges

Principles and procedure of return:

With the exception of furniture, certain specialty items and/or customized items, you may return any product ordered on the Website for exact replacement or refund within thirty (30) calendar days from the delivery date subject the terms and limitations set out below.

Returned products must be in their perfectly saleable, original condition and if applicable, packaging, together with their purchase invoice or a copy in the case of a partial return. Chrome Hearts has sole discretion in determining whether the products purchased via the Website are in original condition when returned.

Returning a product for exact replacement or refund is free of charge as long as you return the products to us via our carrier by using our system of pre-paid return labels. Contact Customer Service to request a return or exact replacement. Customer Service will provide instructions to complete your return. All returns will be shipped to the following address:Chrome Hearts
Attn: Returns Processing
915 N Mansfield Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038

If you choose a return shipping method outside of the approved shipping carrier provided by Customer Service, Chrome Hearts will not be responsible or liable if any item you return to the Website is lost, misdirected or delivered late insofar as you have to bear the risks of the shipping you have chosen.

Returns conditions applicable to fragrance, makeup and beauty Products: Fragrance, makeup and beauty Products must not be opened and must be returned in their original packaging. If the transparent film has been opened or removed or if the Product has been used, the item will not be accepted for return or exchange. If a product is defective or has been damaged during delivery, customer must ensure that the bottle is still hermetically sealed (if this is not the case, contact Customer Service).

Exact Replacement

You may exchange an item for the exact replacement of that item, which may vary by size if applicable.

If you replace an item for another item of greater value due to size or configuration, you shall pay the difference in price. If you request an exact replacement for an item of lesser value due to size or configuration, you will be refunded within ten (10) business days of receipt of the item returned by crediting your debit or credit card.

Please contact Customer Service to receive the return instructions.

If you replace an item, the shipping costs for the first delivery will not be refunded. However, you will not be charged for the shipping costs of the second delivery.

Only one exact replacement per item will be honored.

International Returns

  • For international orders shipped via eShopWorld, all sales are final. No returns or exchanges.
  • For international returns not managed by eShopWorld, please contact Chrome Hearts’s Client Support


If you request a refund, Chrome Hearts will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that any refund will be made within ten (10) business days of receipt of the product returned by crediting your debit or credit card. Under no circumstances will you be granted an electronic credit usable on the Website, nor will the Website issue a store credit for use in a Chrome Hearts Shirt.

Product Purchase Limitations to ensure better service and better availability of our products, Chrome Hearts may limit the quantity of products that can be purchased for any item, on any single order or across multiple orders to a customer or address. Chrome Hearts reserves in its sole discretion the right to determine what quantity restrictions will be put in place for an item, order, or orders. To ensure the observance of these restrictions, Chrome Hearts reviews your order and processes your purchase history. In case of non-observance, our Customer Service or Store Associates may contact you and may refuse further transactions with you, for a period of 2 years from your last purchase. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.